Herbal medicine has been used worldwide for thousands of years. Up until the last century, it was the dominant form of medicine in both the East and West. Most of our present day prescription medications are made by isolating the effective components of plants. Though they can be fast-acting, their concentration levels often cause more powerful side effects than benefits - including thousands of deaths annually. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are prescribed in combination, such that the ingredients balance each other, providing a mutual synergy which increases their efficacy and enhances safety.


This approach goes beyond symptoms to correct internal imbalances and assist the body’s own self-healing processes.


Herbal treatments are a cost effective treatment option, especially for those wanting to avoid or stop taking prescription drugs.

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Proper Nutrition is a vital aspect in the natural healing and prevention of disease, especially in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the right dedication and compliance, diseases and symptoms can be powerfully managed with dietary changes. 

Unfortunately, our present day culture has a poor concept of what makes up a good diet. The fast-paced Western lifestyle often gives rise to poor choices regarding our diet. As a result, we see deterioration in the quality of people’s lives in the form of obesity, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer, not only in adults but with our children as well. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine  your practitioner determines the energetic and therapeutic properties of food, season, geographical location, and your chief complaint. This information is used to customize a nutritional plan to promote healing and prevent disease.