Vitamin B To Reduce Inflammation and Cancer Cells

What is IP-6 and Inositol?
Inositol is a cousin to the B vitamins. IP-6 is inositol, too, but has extra phosphates. So these compounds are identical twins, but one twin is carrying 6 pieces…both are used in every single cell in the body, and IP-6 on its own, has been found to have strong anti-cancer properties.

It has been shown to :
-repair damage in cells that cause out of control cell growth and slow the rate of cancerous divisions…
-boost specialized immune cells called NK, natural killer cells, which seek out and kill cancer cells.
-help to restore cancer cells to a more normal function to help them loose their malignant function.
-increase that activity of genes that suppress tumor growth…
-increase the rate at which cancer cells self destruct, process called apoptosis.
-starve malignant tumors by inhibiting the growth of blood vessels that feed the cancer.
-bind and remove excessive heavy metal, iron can be primary growth factor for cancer cells.
-inhibit metastisis by preventing the ability of cancer cells to stick together at a new site.
-reduce inflammation with chemical messages that halt the production of inflammatory compunds..
-inhibit free radical production which triggers cellular damage….

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