Stop the Pain and Tingling of Neuropathy Caused by Diabetes

Stop the pain and tingling of neuropathy….left untreated can get worse, prescription drugs have their share of side effects, and none really get to the core of healing the problem….repairing the blood vessels and nerve endings and to help the body metabolize sugar properly..

Good there there are safe and natural nutrients that make a big difference…
B1-Thiamin- deficiency of B1, affects the nervous system, blood sugar levels,mood and ability to think clearly, helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and turn those calories into energy. Without it chances of oxidative damage and inflammation in the blood vessels increases.
B6- as P-5-P – Pyridoxal -5-phosphate, vit. B 6 is available in many forms but only one is the bioactive form of Vit. 6 used in the human body, Pyridoxal-5-phosphate or P-5-P. this form doesn’t require conversion in the liver, those taking for only 7 days showed a reduction in blood glucose levels…
B12-Methylcobalamin-, which needs to be converted in the liver, however this particular form is already the ultimate form that the body needs, this helps nerves to function better and delays the damage to the nerves that is caused by diabetes.
Folic Acid as Methylfolate, like P-5P , is an active form that goes to work in the body right away, better than the more common form….Combining folic acid, P-5-P, and methylcobalamin shows that it improves the nerve fibers that lay close to the surface of the skin. At the end of 6 months, 82% reported reduced frequency and intensity of the pins an needles they felt or the painful sensation that can be brought on by a simple touch or contact.
Riboflavin also known as B2, reduced diabetic neuropathy symptoms in a randomized double blind study over the course of 4 months, when combined with the other B vitamins….Niacin-works with Riboflavin to reduce eye damage, that is also a risk with diabetics…
Pantothenic Acid- sometimes referred to as B-5, can protect the nervous system and blood vessels.
Chromium prevents the build up of glucose in the bloodstream…studies have shown a drop in glucose values form 197 to 103 in just 3 months…
Alpha – lipoic acid normalizes blood sugar intake in the muscles, and boosts levels of glutathione, helping to keep the blood vessels from oxidative stress.
Zinc-promotes tissue and wound healing, which is crucial in helping to repair damage that is caused by high glucose levels.
Boswellia- one of the best anti-inflammatories , and can reduce reduce nerve damage and tha pain associated with diabetes……

So a combination of these nutrients can fight nerve and blood vessel damage, stop the “tingling” sensation in the hands and feet and legs, and curb sugar cravings and spikes, which can help with weight loss, and start the natural healing process of your body….

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