Shoulder Pain in Orlando

If you live in the Orlando area you are used to warm weather most of the year. However, weather changes have a big impact on our health. At this time of year, people suffering from shoulder pain due to the cold weather is on the rise. Continual exposure to cold causes not only pain and can cause damage to the skin, but also causes aches and pains in muscles, and in and around the joint. Some people also complain of headaches, fever, dizziness, and other symptoms after being exposed to cold weather. These symptoms usually last for only a short period of time, a good night’s sleep and a hot shower usually can help remedy some of these symptoms.

The biggest problem with cold weather is that it actually exacerbates shoulder pain that is already present due to past traumatic events and injury, and it’s not that easy to get rid of.

In our high-stress society, fatigue and overwork are major causes of shoulder pain. Another reasons for neck and shoulder pain is impaired circulatory system or a disturbance of the blood supply to the neck and shoulder area. Senior citizens often suffer from degenerative shoulder problems like arthritis, which make the muscles and tendons hard and stiff and cause excruciating pain. Sometimes, they even lose range of motion of their shoulders, arms, and hands.

So what can be done about these conditions? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and taking herbs is regarded as one of the most popular and effective treatments for sore and aching shoulders. For anyone who has experienced shoulder pain or joint stiffness after exposure in a cold place or sleeping in a cold room, it is recommended to take herbs that warm our inner core.

To maximize the effectiveness of the herbs and acupuncture, moxibustion is also added to the treatment protocol. It can help muscles that are contracted by the cold to relax as well as warm up the rest of the body. Increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected area.

For those who have serious problems moving their arms or shoulders, physical therapy such as stretches can be incorporated to daily routine.

While under treatment for shoulder pain, it would be wise to avoid eating meat. Instead, try eating fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro or fruits. These foods can help you eliminate toxins better, purify the blood and intensify the function of the tendons and muscles.

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