Homeostasis Keeps Our Body Healthy

How can you expect the body to maintain the homeostasis that keeps cancer cells at bay if your body does not have the correct material to function properly? Since there has been an increase in the consumption of processed foods, genetically modified foods (GMOs), eating fat free foods,  not eating the animal (leading to inflammation), it’s clear the majority of Americans are not feeding their body the nutrition it needs.

 we are experiencing increased estrogen levels from hormone replacement and birth control.  The birth control pill was not introduced until 1960, when the first high estrogen oral contraceptive Enovid was approved by the FDA. According to Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, “Cancer, abnormal blood clotting, and infertility were known to be caused by estrogen before 1940, but at the same time the drug companies began calling estrogen “the female hormone,” and claiming that it would improve fertility.”  Yet, still today many women are still taking or have taken synthetic estrogen.  How do we continue to ignore the fact that more estrogen means higher cancer rates, and that taking oral estrogen is not such a great idea.
Poor nutrition can inhibit the liver’s ability to detoxify and remove estrogen from the body.
Estrogen must be broken down and detoxified by the liver,  it’s seen as a poison after it’s served its purpose in the body: “Normally, the liver treats estrogen like a poison, removing it immediately from the body. If the liver gets sluggish from malnutrition or too much estrogen (or other damage), it can allow the hormone to build up to very high levels” -Ray Peat, PhD
Then we have the vegetable oils that Americans are consuming in our diet causing internal inflammation throughout the body.
In the early turn of the century, vegetable oils were introduced into the food supply as a result of the growing corn and soybean industries. Did you know that vegetable oils (called polyunsaturated fats) damage all systems of the body? Even if you avoid vegetable oils in your own home in favor of healthy saturated fats like butter, you’re still subject to them every time you go to a restaurant, fast food chain or when you eat processed foods.   According to Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, an excess of polyunsaturated fats(PUFA) are known a contributor to cancer, particularly breast cancer:
“Polyunsaturated fats are another clearly identified cause of cancer, especially breast cancer. These fats synergize with estrogen, and sensitize to radiation. Their effects on the mother can be seen in the offspring, as an increased tendency to develop breast or prostate cancer.” Ray Peat, PhD
We all deal with stress on a day to day basis, including poor digestions, not eating enough, mental and emotional stress, environmental stress.  Our body’s ability to adapt and respond accordingly is highly dependent on the nutrition we feed it.   If we are not digesting our food properly to absorb nutrients, not eating enough, eating too much empty food or bombarding the body with environmental stressors, how can we expect it to maintain the balance or homeostasis that helps keep us healthy and disease free?  When our body is properly nourished on a cellular level and and supplied with protective hormones our cells have the ability to communicate and govern movement, preventing and possibly reversing metastatic migration.
Cancer is a multi-million dollar business, and therefore the survival of the industry depends on our population following the status quo.  The cancer industry depends on diagnosing more and more people every year to keep it growing.  So it is to no surprise that there is a disconnect between the industry and education for improved prevention.
We need to realize that we have control over our bodies and the environment we choose for the best optimal health.  Because it is the environment in the body that allows cancer to grow. Why not change the environment to prevent cancer? According to Ray Peat, PhD, “Oncological pathologists, looking at slices of a tumor, believe they can guess when the cells have an evil intention. However, biologists studying living cells find that cells can do only what they are allowed to do by their environment.” This suggests that if the body environment is changed, it can influence the cells behavior!
“Mina Bissell’s groundbreaking research has proven that cancer is not only caused by cancer cells. It is caused by an interaction between cancer cells and the surrounding cellular micro-environment. In healthy bodies, normal tissue homeostasis and architecture inhibit the progression of cancers. But changes in the microenvironment–following an injury or a wound for instance–can shift the balance. This explains why many people harbor potentially malignant tumors in their bodies without knowing it and never develop cancer, and why tumors often develop when tissue is damaged or when the immune system is suppressed.”

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