The Health Benefits of Acupuncture in Orlando

Traditional Chinese Medicine plays an important role in alternative healing and dates back well over thousands of years. The proponents of acupuncture rave about the benefits and efficacy of receiving acupuncture treatment sessions. There are many studies that have proven many of the positive effects of acupuncture treatments on patients.

Acupuncture involves positioning long, thin needles on various points on the body. There are different techniques to the insertion of the needles, including care for the angles at which they are inserted, different types of needles, and various ways to twirl or vibrate the needles. The needles are placed in the meridians of the body that correspond to the health issue that are being treating. Acupuncturists believe that the body has different energy channels that help in the efficient and proper functioning of the body. Precise placement of the needles draws energy to the needed areas and makes way for positive energy flow, unblocks stagnation and helps with blood flow and oxygenation to the body giving rise to health benefits.

Those who practice and those who receive acupuncture, point out a variety of positive health benefits associated with the expert placement of the needles. When placed in the proper places, acupuncture needles are said to help cure nearly any ailment from chronic pain to diabetes to cellulite. Cancer patients report that acupuncture helps them deal with their disease by helping them achieve calm and by helping them feel more energetic after cancer treatments. Additionally, relief of the pain associated with the progression of cancer and/or relief after chemo or radiation is felt. Similar results are said to be felt by HIV/AIDS patients.

For people without specific diseases, however, there are other health benefits. Acupuncture adds energy to the day. It can reduce anxiety and stress. People who use this means of healing as a form of treatment claim that they feel calmer, and that they feel happier. Additionally, many of them report less worry and anxiety. They feel more alert mentally and more stable emotionally. Acupuncture is also said to help prevent diseases. Because regular treatments keep the body in proper working order, and because the positive energy- blood, oxygen and nutrients- is uninhibited through its channels, thus the body is said to be less prone to sickness.

You can maintain your health and sense of well being by choosing acupuncture. There is researched evidence of the positive effects of acupuncture on the health of patients. If you are interested in trying acupuncture or want to learn how acupuncture can help you with your health concerns, call Four Seasons Acupuncture today for a complimentary consultation. 321-662-4871.

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