Fertility, Emotions, Aging and The Liver

We often suggest to women over the age of 32 with strict dietary regimens and advice to help improve their chance of conceiving, but does all of these recommendations lead to Liver Qi Stagnation and emotional anguish? In treating patients with infertility issues we hear a lot of advice such as what to do and NOT to do with trying to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. We are always asking patients to calculate your ovulation so you know your most fertile days. Take your temperature. Take prenatal vitamins, eat organic, get enough folic acid, meditate, control your stress and just relax. Try to eat foods that are more alkaline and not acidic, exercise, but not too much…everything in moderation. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol, don’t smoke. Eat your veggies, take herbs, or don’t take herbs. Have intercourse in the missionary position and then stay flat on your back to help the sperm get to the fallopian tubes better. If that doesn’t work, then maybe try IUI, IVF…..UGh! What happened to the spontaneity of intimacy and the fun that goes with getting pregnant. Because there is not much fun in having to calculate every second of your life and your spouses to time when you are thinking your most fertile. These activities can create emotional distress. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known that the seven emotions can damage the liver…when dealing with fertility issues several emotions become involved such as, worry, longing, irritability, anger, grief fear, depression, over thinking. These emotions that become more chronic can cause our bodies to become stagnant, causing the liver energy to rise, the kidney energy to scatter decreasing its ability to circulate properly through the meridians and nourishing the organs. So, with that being said, it is just as important to manage ones emotions as it is to monitor and regulate the monthly cycle. To help improve and create a wrm fertile environment in the uterus. We need to really focus on emotions and the liver because the liver stores our blood and circulates as well. If our emotions cause stagnation then blood circulation is impaired and the uterus will not receive proper nourishment to support pregnancy.
So the cycle of storing, and restoration and circulation of the blood may not occur if one is always in a constant state of worry(then the spleen can’t create adequate blood), longing or depression can impact the proper function of the heart, anxiety stagnates the liver energy and fear causes the kidney energy to scatter.
When we are in good health, our organs can adapt to emotional fluctuations. But under chronic stress stagnation or depletion are present, which is not the best environment to create a warm and fertile uterus for pregnancy. We need to focus with the core, balanced kidney energy is seen as a person that is adaptable, confidant, patient, sense of calm. Serenity, one of the key feelings that can escape most women who are dealing with fertility issues. Balanced earth (spleen) energy represents as maternal, supportive, nourishing, understanding, receptive, and abundant. Earth also represents digestion and is one of the most important ingredient in preparing the body for conception. Its energy must be properly cultivated through good nutrition and proper digestion. Balanced wood (liver) energy allows for patience, flexibility, accessible, creative, optimistic, growth and development, and passion.
We have a situation of women that want and yearn to create, grow and develop another human being, but our emotions cause liver qi stagnation that will make it more difficult. Granted, our inner state of emotions are not a one-to-one association between the state of the organ and the emotional state but, as you can see, the emotional associated with a balanced organ system may be more conducive to allowing the body to conceive. It is never appropriate to try and relate a part of the body to a single element. That is why it is important to focus on the elements and emotions that often effect fertility challenges. Creating a warm fertile environment in the uterus by balancing the emotional state of the patient and explaining how the free flow of qi(energy) and blood can be negatively impacted by a flood of emotions that accompany fertility issues. Talking to patients about how qi and emotions work together when in balance, but do not when emotions become chronic. Knowing how to keep all of these concerns in balance can help women overcome fertility challenges.
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