Dr Oz’s Rx for Extreme Weight Loss for Orlando Residents

It is that time of year when some of us want to loose weight after the holiday. It can seem to be an ongoing battle, because we work long hours, don’t eat right, under chronic stress, sleep patterns are not like they should be for optimal repair. With that said, Dr. Oz seems to have the right recipe for effective weight loss for the new year.

Whether you want to drop a few pounds before the holidays or just make a change for the best in the upcoming new year, Dr. Oz seems to have a protocol that can help reduce weight and keep it from coming back.

This time of year seems to be when many of us focus on weight loss and overall better health and well being. We all have different long tern goals and weight loss plans. Which plan will help me achieve what I am looking for. For this we are looking to Dr. Oz for his advice regarding this topic of discussion. Dr Oz is the Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Columbia University Medical Center and Host of the Oz Show. His top weight loss strategy for the new year is based on science backed advice that will help with weight loss boosting energy and optimizing overall health and well being. The following is a plan that Dr. Oz finds effective to help you achieve your goal and improve your overall health and wellness.

1. We all seem to busy to diet or exercise. Patients are dropping 10 pounds in a week with the supplement called African Mango.

African Mango or Irvingia Gabonensis…is the new miracle in your medicine cabinet that will help you loose the weight you want. This herb has been referred to as a breakthrough for women in their 40’s. This is because two studies reveal that those that supplemented with African Mango Seed Extract lost 10 pounds in four weeks, without making major lifestyle changes. Some have reported loosing even as much as 11 pounds in just 7 days.

African Mango fights fat: it reduces the action of a gene PPAR-gamma, that is regulated as a master regulator of fat cell growth. Which enhances the activity of a hormone called Leptin that plays a role in controlling appetite and optimizing metabolism. This leptin controls food intake and expenditure of energy by activating receptors in the brains hypothalamus…leptin levels increase as fat stores increase. That is the problem since too much leptin interferes with brain cells’ ability to receive the hormone’s appetite-suppressing signals.

Enter African Mango…it can help ease the hormone overload so the brain
can receive these slimming signals. It is also high in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, since inflammation can interfere with leptin’s ability to slow down hunger.

Start taking 150mg of African Mango seed extract 2x daily has been shown to help decrease weight and weight circumference. It is important to take care when adding supplements to your daily lifestyle.

2. Too Tired to Resist Carbs. Loose 50 pounds in 3 months with Sea Buckthorn.

Dr Oz talks of sea buckthorn as the new miracle berry for beauty and weight loss. One of the things he mentions of that it includes omega 7 fatty acid called palmitoleic acid. Which is rare to find in its natural form, because of the natural fat in it,,may keep you thin…

Studies have proven that Sea Buckthorn spurred significant reductions in total fat, lover fat and epididymal fat- equivalent to the belly fat.

Some fatty acids when stored inside fatty cells, appear to send a metabolic signal that tells the body there’s enough fat present and it doesn’t need to store anymore. Palmitoleic Acid found in Sea Buckthorn is one of those signalers. It is also is a building lock associated with enzymes that activate the burning of fat.

Start with Sea Buckthorn berry juice, or the pill 200mg to 400mg per day.

3. Have Trouble Sticking With a Plan. Drop Half Your Weight With Weigh t Watchers.

Dr Oz seems to be a supporter of weight watchers because it lets women eat the foods they love and offers a supportive approach. It’s all about the C’s…The power of the Cheat…because you can cheat and get back on the train and live the right lifestyle.

When it comes to weight loss, adherence to healthy habits is what matter. In fact social support is a major predictor of both short and long-term slimming success.

The Weight Watchers online program gets rave reviews fro successful slimmers, as do support groups at churches and hospitals and communities.

Stay focused, stay strong, keep up the hard work to loose the weight you want to loose…

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