Boost Your Good Cholesterol Naturally

It is estimated that 20 million Americans use statin drugs. That is not such a good thing.

Not just because it marks a flawed response to cholesterol levels, and because the drugs themselves are dangerous. In fact they can be some of the most deadly drugs on the planet. For starters, statins may cause cancer. In fact studies have shown that this could be a long term danger for men and women currently taking statins, but very little is ever heard about the risk. Next, statins can actually contribute to the cause of heart attacks.

Statins lower levels of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a crucial element for cellular energy production in the mitochondria- the cellular engine of the body. CoQ10 is needed by every cell in the body, especially heart cells, you can get an idea of how much of a risk statins can create from the very beginning. There is another solution, and it does not put you at risk.

Most serious cholesterol problems are due to not having enough HDL (highly Dense Lipoprotein) our “good” cholesterol. Our bodies produce up to 1,000 mg of cholesterol a day, and we need cholesterol for many crucial functions of the body. So, when it is not in balance, the chances of oxidation and inflammation are much greater.

In terms of effectiveness, Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, is great to help get cholesterol into balance and reduce oxidation. Used in Ayurvedic practice for over 2,000 years, pratitioners noted that it helped the body heal, reduce inflammation, improve vision, and made the bones stronger. Recently, it has been shown to inhibit cancer growth in human lung cancer cells, melanoma cells, and cervical cancer cells. One of the ways it can do this is simply through intense antioxidant power.

Indian Gooseberry helps our body detoxify carcinogens, boosts cancer-fighting NK (natural killer) cell activity, and prevents DNA mutations caused by aluminum, lead, and chromium. Used every day Indian Gooseberry can help to balance cholesterol levels as well.

Participants taking 500-1000 mg of Indian Gooseberry increased HDL by 14% and significantly lowered LDL cholesterol by 21%.. total serum cholesterol was reduced by 17%, and triglycerides dropped by 24% within only 3 months.

Raising HDL levels even by 1% can reduce your risk of heart disease by 2-3 %, and make a big difference in your overall cholesterol balance and risk of oxidized LDL cholesterol.

Indian Gooseberry cna also help reduce levels of CRP (C-Reactive Protein) by over 30%. This is a marker of inflammation in the cardiovascular system and is routinely tested to determine an individuals risk.

Look for an Indian Gooseberry fruit extract standardized to contain greater than 35% polyphenol content.

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