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Stress, as a normal part of life, enables us to get through our day and tackle projects and tasks that need to get done. If left unchecked stress can cause emotional, psychological, and even physical health concerns. Stress causes a disruption in the flow of energy, blood and oxygen through the body. These energetic imbalances can cause an imbalance in our immune system, can cause pain, sleep disturbances, disruption with digestion, headaches, menstrual irregularities, and exacerbate health conditions that are already present, which can over time become a more serious illness.

Stressful situations that are chronic can create lead to an ongoing low-level stress that puts continual pressure on the nervous system, the sympathetic system becomes taxed and the para sympathetic system can’t perform its function of rest and digest. This can cause the overproduction of hormones. The extra stress hormones over an extended period of time may wear out the body’s reserves which can lead to fatigue, depression, a weak immune system, and a myriad of other physical or psychological symptoms.

Here are a few signs of stress overload:

– anxiety or panic attacks
– feelings of constant pressure, rushed and hurried
– irritability and moodiness
– stomach problems that can affect digestion, headaches, or even chest pain
– allergic reactions, such as eczema or asthma
– insomnia
– binging on food, alcohol, smoking, or drugs
– moodiness, sadness or depression

Stress is often a big reason for the development of illness and the deterioration of health. Finding a way to release your stress can help you stay healthy. According to Oriental medicine, stress, frustration, and unresolved anger can contribute to compromising the over all health and wellness of a patient, making it easy for pathogens to invade the body. Acupuncture can address all of the symptoms noted above, and the stagnation that occurs in the body from chronic stress over time, start to dissipate. Acupuncture points can help energy flow smoothly, and alleviate not only the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but the stress and anxiety itself.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the substantial benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of stress. Acupuncture improves circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, which oxygenates the tissues and cycles out cortisol and other waste materials. The calming nature of acupuncture also decreases heart rate, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles, which can become very tight from chronic stress.

In addition to acupuncture, Traditional Oriental medicine offers many modalities that can be integrated into your wellness plan to keep stress in check. These include Tui Na, breathing exercises or meditation, dietary therapy, herbal therapy and acupressure that you can administer at home.

While it isn’t always possible to remove the external forces causing stress, the ability to effectively deal with stress is a choice. It is important that we take time for ourselves to cultivate the energy we need to handle our stress more effectively.

If you or someone you know suffers from stress or anxiety issues, contact our office for additional information about how acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine can help you regulate your immune system, regain peace of mind and get your body back in balance. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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