Acupuncture Can Help With Weight Loss

When our digestive organs (Spleen-Pancreas-Stomach) become sluggish and food and liquids are no longer processed like they should be, weight gain can occur. Mucous, bacteria, viruses and yeast accumulate in the digestive tract creating dampness – an overly wet condition in the body. Dampness in turn can cause stagnation and tends to block the flow of qi and blood and nutrients in the body. Resulting symptoms include heaviness, bloating, lumpy skin (cellulite), edema and fatigue.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) addresses the malfunction of the digestive organs using acupuncture and herbs in order to boost the Spleen-Pancreas-Stomach digestive functions, help transform dampness and therefore reduce weight. Combined with appropriate exercise and nutritional changes results can be remarkable.

Many are starting off the New Year with resolutions….weight loss is usually one of them. If you are wondering how acupuncture can help you achieve your goal, call today for a complimentary consultation. Acupuncture along with some modified lifestyle changes can be very effective at helping with weight loss and overall well being.

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